Jørn Glad A/S

GLAD will guarantee the best service and quality

Jørn Glad has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and can offer service and spare parts

Our team of experienced employees is ready to provide our customers with the best service and support. And we resolve to special customer requests.

We have all facilities needed in-house including certified staff (boom-Inspectors) to perform repairs, overhaul, maintenance and specefic structures etc. on all machine types and brands in concrete engineering. Our technicians are ready to help customers "in the field" and locally in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Ongoing training

Furthermore, our technicians are educated in Germany by our supplier and continue to improve their qualifications to gain knowledge on the latest information and updates.


Our service technicians / installers organize working hours according to the task,

And naturally they therefore work outside normal working hours.


Emergency service round the clock

At critical breakdowns we perform rapid reaction

Warehouse and workshop stand by to help!

Monday - Thursday 7:00 to 15:00

Friday 7:00 to 14:30

Trige / Western Denmark: tel. +45 86 23 04 66

Avedoere / Eastern Denmark tel. +45 36 78 04 66

Norway Tel. +47 69 27 50 92

Sweden tel. +46 709 99 99 30


JØRN GLAD NORWAY AS approved for monitoring activities by Norwegian FABEKO to perform periodic inspection of:

Concrete pumps

Combination pumps (Pumi)

Band trucks