Jørn Glad A/S

The Concrete distributor “Concrete Elephant” – Creates value, higher health and safety environment on jobsites

Concrete Elephant is connected to the concrete pump and concrete is pumped thru the 30m 4,5” / Ø100 mm pump hose and distributor for easy placing of the concrete.

Concrete Elephant is operated by 1 person via prop. Remote control and pump hose reel is done automatic when machine drives backwards or forwards in cooperation with concrete pump operator and jobsite crew.

Concrete Elephant, take over the jobsite crew’s most abrasive jobs while distributing concrete.

Concrete Elephant, release jobsite crew to other jobs and highly improve health and safety environment for jobsite crew.

Concrete Elephant is powered solely from Battery with capacity for a working day and can be charged with 230V while still operating so concrete distribution can be done safely inside buildings and almost silently.